Cobra Skulls + Versus The world + Sweet Empire
zaterdag, 12-05-2012
Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam

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In 2007 CS released their first full-length Sitting Army with Red Scare. The album garnered critical acclaim and led to a full-time touring schedule with bands like Against Me! and The Lawrence Arms. With their second full-length, American Rubicon, in 2009 they won over fans across the country and abroad. Fat Wreck Chords took notice and released their EP Bringing the War Home aswell as their third full-length album, Agitations, which was released on Sept. 27, 2011. The album is definitely an adventurous and exciting progression for CS, but it still stays true to the original style that won CS the following that have kept them playing music today.

Here’s what singer/songwriter Devin Peralta has to say:
The album is called Agitations, because most of the songs are lyrically concerned with, well, things that agitate and bother me. Things like prisons that are operated like businesses in an ever increasingly xenophobic and paranoid post 9/11 society. Some songs deal with relationships with friends, family and loved ones. No song is quite like any song we’ve done before and every song has a distinct personality. Some are fast, some are mid-tempo and only one song is over three minutes long. Some songs sound influenced by blues, rockabilly, pop and some even have hints of jazz, funk and folk, but all songs are rooted in an old school punk spirit. We think the new songs are fun to play so we hope people find them as enjoyable to listen to as well. Either way, we’re proud of Agitations.

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